Digital Array Control Systems (DACS)

BAMS Battery Control Technology.

DACS Ltd has developed a battery controller technology that changes the way groups of battery packs / cells are linked and operated. The system can increase the efficiency and longevity of arrays and so make battery storage a cheaper and more effective option for renewable energy storage / EV power packs. The BAMS technology allows a pack to be remotely monitored and controlled if needed, extending service intervals from 3 months to 12months +. Coupled with local renewable power generation such as solar and wind, the remote station will no longer need a diesel generator and so be cheaper and easier to operate.

With support of the FREED Project three new 10kW 2.5kWhr packs will be built, installed and run to test a networking feature DACS have optimised where power can now be shared between local storage systems, allowing small users to benefit from local surplus and to reduce grouped cost of renewable generation investment.

Three houses, within 100 metres of each other will share the benefit of new solar and wind inputs via a linked storage system across the three properties.

DACS will use this test to monitor the real-world use of power in different types of home (young family, B&B, single elderly occupant). The results of this test will allow the refinement of protocols and methods by which power is used, stored and distributed across DC lines.

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